Empathize to nurture your relationship

Planning for a baby, yet in vain? Your infertility can be caused due to various factors. Some are explainable; some yet remain unexplained in the biological world of science. Once you’ve made up your mind to have a baby and feel motherhood, you are prone to have

regular intercourse with your partner. Even though you have been keeping track of your fertile window for more than couple of months now,you are unable to conceive. This dilemma makes you worry and adds stress unnecessarily.

The first thing towards pregnancy is to shun stress, negativity and all worries. Talking with your partner might help sorting out the infertility issues faced. Patience gives you a hard reality check but one should endure it and accept infertility, if they remain unsuccessful in conceiving. Consulting one of our fertility specialists at GBR Clinic Fertility Centre in Chennai will help you understand the flaws and strengths of your relationship with your partner. Your partner should also equally support you through the entire infertility process and speak with your doctor on what measures can be taken. Motivate yourself and your partner to cooperatively undergo tests and examinations to understand your infertility. Once you start accepting your infertility, our fertility specialists will guide you to determine which procedure to opt. Our fertility specialists will provide you complete information about the estimated time, finance, benefits and the risks associated with IVF procedures.

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