Embryo Adoption

In case of unsuccessful fertilization attempts using own reproductive cells of a couple, in vitro fertilization involves the use of donor embryos from eligible anonymous egg and sperm donors. Embryo donation is an exciting new option in modern infertility treatment. While most couples would initially prefer to have children using their own eggs or sperm, due to numerous factors beyond their control many couples find that this is not possible. For couples where both the wife and the husband have significant fertility factors decreasing their chances for conception, this is a wonderful alternative in addition to traditional adoption.

Many couples consider the use of a donor embryo a very early adoption. A good example of an ideal couple would be a husband who has no sperm (azoospermia) due to lack of sperm production (sertoli cell only syndrome, testicular cancer, chemotherapy, etc) and the wife has poor egg quality due to advancing reproductive age or premature menopause. Some couples prefer the use of a donor embryo to the use of donor sperm or donor eggs.


I am very satisfied with the clinic right from the beginning till the end. Hope you will keep the good work always. God will bless you people and give you all the...
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Mrs. Aishwarya & Mr. Narendran, Chennai.

She is not just a doctor. She is far more than that. Very helpful, kind hearted. Not only the doctor, but the whole staff of GBR is like a family to us...
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Mrs. Nizama Abdulla & Mr. Ahmed Nahid, Maldivis.

GBR is the best clinic for medical treatment like IVF/ICSI. Will recommend to any of my relatives / friends. Overall best treatment done as per the...
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Mrs. Revathy& Mr. Thyagarajan, Chennai.

Firstly we would thank Dr Buvaneswari for giving us the best and appropriate treatment for which now we have been blessed  with a boy  baby  after 05 years...
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Mrs. Mary Selva Kumar & Mr. D A Kumar

We really liked the personalized treatment we had in GBR. Doctor takes at most care at us and personally involves in all activities like scanning, injection, etc..,
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Mrs. Roshita& Mr. Joseph Christy, Chennai.