Freezing & Vitrification

During the process of the treatment and after egg collection due to number of reasons there may be need to freeze the embryos, eggs and sperm. The well-established methods are controlled rate and slow freezing and a newer flash-freezing process known as vitrification.


Vitrification is a process in which the embryo is suspended in a very small volume of fluid on the end of a small flat specialized vitrification device. The device with the embryo is then lowered onto a metal block that has been cooled by liquid nitrogen where the fluid containing the embryo hardens into a small glassy bead.

This method is very effective and often used for freezing eggs compared to the old method of slow freezing. The egg is the largest cell in the body and contains a lot of water. The classic problem with freezing eggs the old way was that as the temperature dropped below freezing point, ice crystals formed inside the egg and caused damage to the genetic material. The rapid cooling technique of vitrification allows the water inside and surrounding the egg to instantaneously super cool into a solid state with no ice crystal formation at all.

Freezing of Oocyte or Egg

Egg freezing is an option worth considering and most recommended in of the following conditions:

  • When you are at risk of losing your reproductive system because of cancer treatment.
  • If for some reason your husband or partner doesn’t produce a sperm sample on the day of egg collection.
  • If you want to preserve eggs while you are still young and plan a family at a later part of your life.

Freezing or Banking of Sperm

Sperm can be banked under the following conditions:

  • If the husband or male partner is about to undergo major surgery or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer.
  • The male partner may plans to have a vasectomy and there is a possibility the couple may want to have children in the future.
  • If the nature of job involves risk of injury which may potentially bar one from producing sperms.
  • One may also consider freezing the sperm before you and your husband or partner start assisted reproductive treatment as a backup just in case the husband or male partner is unable to be present on the date of egg collection due to travel, other commitments or if has difficulty in collecting a sample.

Social Egg Freezing

Social Egg Freezing is gaining grounds, as many ambitious women do not want to have children before they attain the professional ambitions. At GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals we provide a comprehensive plan to women who want to get a solid footing in their carrier and delay their pregnancy plans through our Egg Freezing Services. Please contact the center for details.


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