Rights & Responsibilities

Intended Parents Rights

At GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals we take utmost care of intended parents rights and would like them to know and use the following rights to their benefits:


You have the right for precise and clearly understood information about your procedures and treatment possibilities & options at GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals in English, and a regional language of the centres location.

Respect and Non-Discrimination

You have a right to considerate, respectful care from us that not discriminate against you.

Taking Part in Treatment Decisions

You have the right to know your treatment options and take part in decisions about your care. Your spouse can speak on your behalf if you cannot.


You have the right to talk confidentially with us and we guarantee you that your healthcare records will be secured. You are also entitled to all information and records related to your treatment and can make the copies of the same for your personal record.

Complaints and Appeals

You have the right to a fair, fast and objective review of any complaint you have against the services offered.

Intended Parents Responsibility Charter

At GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals all intended parents and their family members shall abide by the following responsibilities to help us in serving them with better services:

Responsibility towards treatment and care plan

The intended parents and family member shall present complete and precise medical history, covering from present to past and shall follow assiduously with the agreed upon treatment plans.

Accountability towards respecting the GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals employees

It is the duty of the intended parents and their family members to regard the dignity of all GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals employees and doctors and if there are any disputes, it shall be resolved in a peaceful manner.

Responsibility towards maintaining decorum inside the centre

The intended parents and their family members shall abide by the “NO SMOKING” within the GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals premises and shall not chew Paan Masala, Gutka, etc. inside the centre along with any intoxicating beverages.

Responsibility towards cleanliness of the centre

The intended parents and/or family members shall not litter any waste paper, food items, etc. anywhere inside the premises and shall not spit in any area of the premises and shall use bins and spittoons respectively placed in the centre.

Responsibility towards safe custody of personal belongings

The intended parents and/or family members shall be liable for all their personal stuffs like money, jewelry, cell phone, clothes, etc. and shall report all thefts to GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals  authorities swiftly. Every effort will be made by centre to recover the lost item but the centre shall not be accountable for their safe keeping.

Responsibility towards causing physical damage to the centre intentionally

Tamil Nadu Hospital Protection Act 2008 prohibits violence against medicare service persons and damage or loss to property of medicare service institutions. Any such act by the intended parents or their family members with / without support of local public would be seriously dealt with by the local law enforcing authorities as these are criminal offences as per the act.


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We really liked the personalized treatment we had in GBR. Doctor takes at most care at us and personally involves in all activities like scanning, injection, etc..,
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