IVF: The First Step Towards Infertility

Take the first step towards infertility by speaking to your doctor. Several factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle choices and other unexplained factors that cause infertility in male and female. To be fertile, maintaining health is extremely critical.

Certain couples face obstacles to conceive through conventional approach. There is nothing to stress about it. Science has a solution to it. With the state-of-art techniques, GBR clinic fertility centre at Chennai offers IUF, IVF and ICSI reproduction techniques that has helped many couples achieve parenthood.


EIn standard IVF technique, the female is advised certain fertility drugs that will aid her to stimulate ovulation, resulting in collection of mature eggs. If sperm parameters are normal, then the male is advised to ejaculate sperms on the same day and embryo is developed under laboratory conditions. In case of the sperm parameters being abnormal, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection is performed. ICSI, a specialized form of IVF, requires only a single sperm to be injected in to mature egg’s cytoplasm, thus developing an embryo. ICSI increases the chances of fertilization.

In case of certain unexplained factors, it is advised to choose third-party reproduction techniques, using donor sperm/egg, surrogacy and embryo adoption. Consult a fertility specialist today at GBR Clinic fertility centre at Chennai to understand hormonal infertility and ways to control it.

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