No 1 IVF & Fertility Centre in Chennai

GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals ranked No 1 among all Best IVF & Fertility Centres in Chennai & Tamilnadu By Time of

India in their “All Inidia Critical Care Hospital Ranking Surevey 2016”

Date: 29 Jan 2016

Times of India in its Times Health Survey Edition released today have ranked GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals as the No. 1 IVF & Fertility Centre in Chennai & Tamilnadu for the year 2016. The centre has also been ranked as the No. 10 centre at the All India Level and No. 4 in the Southern Sates.

This was part of the All India Critical Care Hospital Ranking Survey 2016. The objective of this reserach was to arrive at a list of Top Multi Speciality / Super Speciality / Single Speciality Hospitals and IVF & Fertility Centres in India. The survey focused on key areas like:-

* Accredations

* Infrasturcture

* Techniques & Range of Services, which include Skills, Competence, Range of Treatment & Relevent Expereince

* Patient Care & Quality of Treatment

* Possitive pregrenancy provided & Success rate

* Online Appointment Facility, Hospital Management Systems & Online Consultation Facilities

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