Our lifestyle choices and infertility

In the current times of global outsourcing, it is very difficult to live in a way that our mother or grandmothers lived. An extremely long, demanding and sedentary day at office and even longer night sorting out household chores, nightlife and too many gourmet choices to spoil you makes it difficult to strike a perfect work-life balance. Right lifestyle choices can promote your fertility and keep you healthy in every aspect.

First and foremost, is to maintain weight and having a near perfect body mass index (BMI). This can help regulating estrogen and other essential hormones, thereby increasing the frequency of ovulation cycle and possibility of pregnancy. Diet including healthy food such as vitamin rich vegetables and antioxidant rich fruits provides a perfect environment for your cells to be nurtured with and combat with hormonal imbalance and other diseases. Rich protein diet and whole grains is a must for a healthy balanced diet.

Right lifestyle choices such as sleeping early with an at least 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is vital for good health. Night shifts usually affect hormone production, thus results in infertility. Other factors that hamper with the hormone production are alcohol, smoking, coffee and excess physical activity.

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