The Best Conversations Happen at Night

When you are in your mid-20s, you look forward to weekends. Weekends are when you meet your friends and prefer to go catch up through the night. As you grow older, get employed, involve yourself in a committed relationship, and add on responsibilities, things change. As life changes for the better, your body too adapts to change. Fertility is constantly changing with your lifestyle choices, food habits and various other factors.

Once you are in a committed relationship with your partner, one needs to learn to manage stress. Responsibilities can be shared with your partner. Your nightlife has to set down gradually, as both male and female partners should avoid consuming alcohol. Smoking should also be avoided, including passive smoking. Alcohol and smoking are one of the most important reasons for infertility. Consumption of alcohol results in low sperm count in men, while in female interferes with the ovulation cycle. Also, staying awake till late in night interferes with the biological clock of our body, causing infertility.

Fertility experts recommend burning the midnight oil by having deep conversations with your partner and frequent intercourse if you are planning to have a baby. Keeping track of the fertile window, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will enable you and your partner to experience the joy of motherhood. In case of other concerns, GBR Clinic Fertility Centre Chennai offers you services by our fertility specialists. Strengthen the bond with your partner, everything else will follow.

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