Your Body is Unique ~ Personalised Fertility Care

Every woman is surrounded by a different environment in her life. She may either too be experience large amounts of stress in her life, or found ways to manage her stress. Her approach to life significantly impacts her fertility. Fertility in a woman begins right at the foetus stage,

when female reproductive system produces 1-2 million eggs. However, the female reproductive system is fully active only at puberty. During puberty, an excess of hormones are produced, leading to hormonal imbalance. Production of hormones is dependent on several factors including lifestyle, food habits and stress. Difference in physiology, hormones and lifestyle choices makes your body unique in every aspect. Therefore, the rate of fertility also differs from person to person. There is no “One size fits all” treatment for planning a baby and taking steps towards parenthood.

Based on this diversity, the GBR Clinic Fertility Centre at Chennai offers personalised infertility care for each and every woman who wants to experience the joy of motherhood. The intended parents are guided through a process to meet their fertility specialist doctor who evaluates them through tests and examinations. The, they design a procedure that suit individual needs. It is necessary to be well informed about your health conditions before you plunge into the next phase of your life. Each and every part of the procedure: examinations, tests, modifications, and financial estimation is explained in detail. GBR Clinic believes in offering you the best treatment catered to the needs of your body, making space for best miracles to happen naturally.

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