Your Career and Fertility

Choosing career over family is one of the toughest decisions of all time. Fertility also adds age with the passing years. When one chooses to delay planning a family, they should be informed about the choices and consequences of conceiving late. Women over age of 35 are at high risk for reproductive problems like endometriosis, PCOS etc.

Stress from your career is bound to impact your fertility by interfering with your ovulation cycle. Irregular patterns of ovulation can risk a woman’s health, inhibiting the proper secretion of hormones. Hormonal imbalance, such as poor secretion of estrogen, can lead to infertility. Many women are afraid that getting pregnant and looking after your little one might result in losing their job and status. But that’s not the case. If you are mentally prepared to accept the changes, then multitasking can be mastered.

A woman’s fertility is at peak between ages 25 – 32. Fertility declines after the age of 32 due to changes in hormones. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain good health and obtain good sleep to remain fertile for a longer period. If you are in any kind of doubt, get counseled through a fertility expert. Our fertility experts will screen your initially for your fertility and counsel you throughout the IVF treatment. GBR Fertility Centre Clinic Chennai believes each body is unique and hence aims at personalizing your IVF technique to cater your bodily needs.

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