Your Marriage and Fertility

Marriage and fertility are inter-connected. Many marriages don’t suffer the stress of infertility. Usually, a couple plans to conceive by their second anniversary and do not have to undergo fertility treatments. But in the modern era, when one plans to settle down in their late twenties,

when our careers have become a priority to combat the rise in inflation, infertility seeps through every household. The stress of infertility has a huge impact on your marriage as well. While you are busy planning for a new family, you shouldn’t forget the family you already have right now – your partner.

It is very essential to communicate well with your partner regarding infertility treatments, the acceptance of physiological flaws, managing therapy side-effects and your own psychological states. Communication makes it easy to deal and look beyond the infertility concerns. By carefully monitoring the fertile window and maintaining good health by quitting smoking, controlling alcohol intake, you start addressing the infertility concerns of your body. The support of your partner and family is very critical throughout the pre-pregnancy phase. Partners should willingly attend the counseling provided by your fertility expert and understand the needs and efforts that are required for planning a family.

Keep your dreams alive, shun those negative thoughts and have a positive approach towards infertility therapy and treatments.

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